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That’s What Friends Are For…

One of the most exhilarating things about making a new friend is basking in the glow of all the new things they can teach you that you’ve never even heard of before. Other times it is great to get to know someone who already really gets you, you know? 

Some people have the luxury of having access to all kinds of information and ways of thinking. Just because we can get on the internet doesn’t mean we are being led to the most helpful places or getting know new ways of looking at things from a different perspective.

I hope to be a friend that gets you and also shows you new things and new ways of looking at things. If this is all elementary to you, kudos! If you are already aware of your personal power, the brilliance of self transformation and all the ways you can begin changing your outlook on life — that is sincerely awesome. You should consider reaching out to other people about how to build confidence in this confusing, damaging world. The most healing thing we can do for ourselves is forgive our faults, unlearn the unhealthy things we have been taught in our lives, love ourselves and accept others AS THEY ARE.

For others, this might be the first time you hear about accepting your body as it is right now THIS MOMENT. This might be the first time you consider that there’s nothing wrong with you for feeling like a girl if you are a guy, feeling like a guy if you were born a girl, feeling like both or feeling like neither!

This is a safe space for everyone and a place to learn. This is a resource. This is a place of encouragement. This is a place for healing and recovery. There are a lot of paths to figuring out yourself and how you’re going to navigate in this world.

Let’s help one another.

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